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TVC Sound Design

As I write this I am starting to realise that it’s a good thing that my sound design skills are more creative than my blog post titling skills….

I thought I would post a couple more TVC spots that I have created over the past couple of years while working at Risk Sound.

This first spot for Keno was done a couple of months ago. The voice over was recoded over ISDN with a studio in Sydney and the location dialog needed a bit of cleaning up with my new favorite audio restoration tool iZotope Rx 2. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with this plugin especially with the spectral repair where you can actually visualise sound and their harmonics then attenuate or remove them.

This second TVC I actually did a couple of years ago but I rediscovered it while doing some digital housecleaning on my drive at work. This spot was a bit of fun and enabled me to indulge my inner sci-fi geek. For the “kids-thought-a-screen” sound my tool of choice was audio ease’s speaker phone which is fantastic for creating speaker, telephone and announcements effects.


Recent TV commercial sound design work

Over the last year or so there has been some great TVC sound design work flowing through the studios at Risksound so I thought that I would post a couple commercials I have worked on recently.

The first commercial was done for the Suzuki Swift R1.  The background atmosphere  was created by using an automated eq to sweep down an audio track that contained white noise. This was then fed through a convolution reverb plug-in using an impulse response of a big metal tank.  The noise for the lights was created by processing two wine glasses clicking together with reverb and reversing the sound.

This second TVC for cars guide was a lot more music and voiceover focused but I still had some fun the sound effects.  I used a lost of whooshes and servo motor sound effects and a recording of wind with the the volume automated on the camera moments to give it a sense of movement.



Radio Commercials

Script 1:
Product: Radio Commercials by Sandy Milne

Person 1: Have you heard the radio commericals by Sandy Milne?
Person 2: Sandy Milne? no I didn’t know he produced radio commercials?
Person 1: Yes, Sandy Milne makes great radio commercials.
Person 2: Well I will have to get some of these radio commercials by Sandy Milne then.
Person 1: Great idea, call Sandy Milne on 04blahblahblah or forward slash radio-commercials

Fast voice: offer not valid on weekends or public holidays
Faster voice: LMCT402932323/123/BLAH123

This is pretty much the format of 95% of the radio commercials you hear on the radio so it’s nice when I get to work on things that are a little different. I thought I would upload a some radio commercials I have worked on over the last couple of years starting with these four.

For this commercial I managed to wrangle in all the people in the building and did several overdubs to create a chorus of people. It was great to pull out the Neumann u87s. This one also featured on

1. Salvos-Miss-Out-Radio-Commercial.mp3     


This spot for Victoria uni was highly commended at the siren awards.
Part of the challenge of an commercial like this is not only the sound design element but the direction that you give the voice over artist. I found some old episodes of the superman radio show on record on a shelf in the back of Risksound and played as a reference and played it to them before we started.

2. Vic-Uni-Save-The-World.mp3     

This spot was just fun to work on and was a reminder that when working with kids keep recording as you don’t want to miss out on a golden moment.

3. SPC-Fruit-Snacks-Radio-Commercial.mp3     

This was just a fun little sport for Melbourne Airport. I had both VO actors setup in chairs in the studio to simulate a car and had actually got a work colleague to record his kids the day before which was a great help

4. Melbourne-Airport-Radio-2011-.mp3     

BULLET: A Superhero Comedy

If you want so see/hear a great show at the Melbourne comedy festival this year I can recommend BULLET: A Superhero Comedy. This is not just because I created all the sound effects and music for it (well maybe a little bit, but I have to live up to the gen Y narcissistic stereotype) but because it’s a really well written and entertaining show and got great reviews when it played at the Melbourne fringe festival.
The show involves 6 actors on stage with microphones playing various characters, accompanied by sound effects and music triggered to perfection.
It was a fantastic challenge designing the sound and I really had to think outside the box for a lot of it. Thank god for the large sfx library, recording spaces and random collection of strange recordable objects at Risk Sound!

Here are a couple of snippets from the show:

You can read more and book here

Animal Self Portrait – Music track

My friend Kate was working on a project helping primary school aged kids to create a stop motion animation showing which animal they would like to be, for Art Play. They recoded the voices in the workshop and needed a bit of help cleaning them up.
I cleaned the voices up as much as I could, created a short music track for the opening titles and credits and added some atmospheres.

Here is one of my favorite ones.

There were four in total which can check here:

Midnight Snack – Sound Design and Music

Last year I had the pleasure of working with the talented crew at Active Motion creating the sound design and music on an in-house animation project called Midnight Snack.

I always enjoy working on animation as you get to start with a clean slate and can create everything from scratch. While I did use a few sounds from our sound effects library a lot of the sound I recorded in the booth and throughout the Risk Sound building. I found an old metal bread bin which supplied a lot of the running metal and metal impact sounds and spent a fair bit of time, mic in hand, opening and closing fridges. I also manged to record my own stomach rumble (after one too many coffees) and got to practice my spider voice over skills.

Here is the end result:

Midnight Snack

Tuna and Beans

When someone asks what you have been working on it’s always nice to be able to reply
“Oh you know just the standard creating underwater fart sounds kind of work”.
We tried a couple of different techniques for creating tuna style flatulence and the booth needed a good airing afterwards.
It’s always interesting creating underwater atmospheres as well as peoples perception of how it should sound is quite different from how it sounds in reality.

Here is the end result:

Tuna and Beans – Sound Design by Sandy Milne from Sandy Milne on Vimeo.