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Fighting Chance Sound Design

Just before I finished up working at Risk Sound I had the pleasure of working on the sound design for a fun short film called “Fighting Chance” with director Matt Mirams

Sound wise it was great fun to work on and I used a lot of low frequencies, thunder and lightning to create the sonic character of death. I spent a lot of time cleaning up the audio and fixing the dialog which was a little patchy but RX2 made a pretty good job of saving most of it. I also had a lot of fun working on the punch sounds and used a foley plug-in that I wrote along with some of guys from soundfirm to do all the footsteps. Enjoy

Victoria, George, Edward and Thatcher Sound Design

It’s been another couple of busy months of work and play. I’ve just finished working on a bunch of TVC and Radio sport as well as some really good short films that required some pretty in depth sound design. One of these was Fighting Chance by Matt Mirams who I worked on the short film Kevin Is… with. Fight scenes are always a lot of fun to work on and I love layering different sounds and creating the perfect painful punch sound.
I’ve also got a couple of iOS projects in development for sound engineers that I should be releasing later this year.

A couple of years ago I worked on a project with my friend Callum Cooper which was shown at Toronto International Film Festivalin 2010. He has now decided to release it and it has already been picked by Vimeo as a staff favoriate.

Mine Kafon Wins 5th Place Focus Forward Film Competition

I am very excited to annonce, although a little late, that the short film I worked on a while ago has been awarded the 5th place jury prize in the focus forward film competition at Sundance. It’s great to be involved in such a worthy project and fantastic to see that they have also raised almost £120,000 on kickstarted to further develop the project. I’m looking forward to seeing where they take this amazing idea.



The Constant and the Flux Sound Design

Well after four long years of part time study, while also working full time, developing ios apps and trying to have a life,  I’ve finally finished my Bachelor degree in Information technology and systems at Monash. I was a little worried I’d failed one of my subjects but ended up get 88% for it so maybe I’m geekier than I realised….

Now that my study is finished and out of the way I’ve finally had time to finish a collaboration that I started with my friend Callum called “The Constant and the Flux”

It was originally commissioned by the Toronto film festival and was filmed and shown there so we were on quite a tight deadline. With this excerpt I had a lot more time to craft and create the soundtrack and only ended up using two 2 second grabs of the location sound. It was a good chance to get a bit creative with sound design and foley and work on something a bit different.

Here is how it ended up:

Callum has recently started up a charitable trust that creates films that are of cultural or social significance called Ardent Films. Check it out at

Mine Kafon short film a FOCUS FORWARD film semifinalist

The fantastic short film that I did the sound design for and mixed earlier this year “Mine Kafon” is currently a  semifinalist  in FOCUS FORWARD film competition.
Focus Forward films highlight exceptional people and world-changing ideas that are impacting the course of human development, changing our lives for the better.
If you get a chance to watch it make sure you vote as well.

Congratulations to Callum Cooper, Mahmud Hassani and everyone else who worked on the project.

Liquid Notes The Making of the Reef

A couple of months ago did the sound design and mix for a documentary about surfing and music (definitely a winning combination) called  “Liquid Notes – The Making of the Reef”
This documentary followed the making of the project called “The reef” and was put together by the awesome guys at Nalu Productions.

In their words “‘Liquid Notes’ follows Artistic Director, Richard Tognetti, in his latest project taking musicians, surfers and cinematographers to the rugged surf coast and tough desert landscape of northern Western Australia, to create a new performance piece for the ACO called The Reef.”

It’s showing on Australian TV,  ABC1, Tuesday November 13 at 10pm if you want to check it out.

Some Not for Profit sound

I’ve been pretty crazy busy the last couple of months trying to juggle assignments, studying for exams, a bunch of sound projects, upgrading my apps for ios 6, developing some new app ideas, work, life etc

I haven’t had much time to update my blog as of late but there are a few projects I have worked on lately through Risk Sound that I thought were worth a mention.

I worked on Australian and American soundtracks for Movember’s 2012 campaign with the awesome crew from Urchin. This included TV, Radio and Web based commercials. This involved voice direction, editing and mixing and mastering. It was also fantastic to be able to work with the very talented Tyler Coppin who was very generous with his time.

I also worked on the Movember GAP initiative soundtracks for the UK, US and Australia

For more info check out Movember


I also worked on the TVC for Steps for Independence Day which is a charity aiming to raise funds and awareness for people with spinal cord injury. The was no location sound supplied for this one so I had to do all foley, atmos and sfx as well as the mix.


The Constant and The Flux at TIFF

I’ve been working on the sound for some great projects recently with a write/director/artist friend of mine Callum Cooper. One of these projects The Constant and the Flux is currently showing at the Toronto film TIFF Bell Lightbox from September 6 to 16. On display as well is the camera rig that Callum used to create the amazing visual effect.
The majority of the camera audio was unusable so I had to create all the atmospheres and incidental sound effects. I also created a Kontakt instrument which would pick a random effect from a pool of 20 and play them at a random pitch so that I could just play in the midi notes on the transitions and have the instrument not sound like it was looping samples

If you’re in the Toronto area go check it out.

Mental to Close MIFF

Just a quick post to announce that the film I worked on briefly “Mental” starring Toni Collette and directed by PJ Hogan will be closing the 2012 Melbourne international film festival.
Congratulations to all the team at Soundfirm whose blood, sweat and tears went into making it an fantastic film.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in Melbourne on the 18th of August make sure you check it out

You can buy tickets here: