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Instantiate a View Controller from a Storyboard in IOS

In a lot of the iOS example projects that Apple provides, such as the scrollview paging example, view controllers are Instantiated from an xib file and not from a storyboard which was introduced in iOS 5.
Instantiating a view controller with a story board is quiet easy you just have to specify the name of the storyboard, ie MainStoryBoard_iPhone without the .storyboard and make sure that you have set the identifier of the view controller that you want to instantiate.
Below is a short example:

UIStoryboard *storyboard = [UIStoryboard storyboardWithName:@"MainStoryboard" bundle:nil];

MonkeyViewController mkvc = [storyboard instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier:@"monkeyView"];

you can then add the view to a scrollView using something like:
[self.scrollView addSubview:mkvc.view];

Mine Kafon short film a FOCUS FORWARD film semifinalist

The fantastic short film that I did the sound design for and mixed earlier this year “Mine Kafon” is currently a  semifinalist  in FOCUS FORWARD film competition.
Focus Forward films highlight exceptional people and world-changing ideas that are impacting the course of human development, changing our lives for the better.
If you get a chance to watch it make sure you vote as well.

Congratulations to Callum Cooper, Mahmud Hassani and everyone else who worked on the project.

Liquid Notes The Making of the Reef

A couple of months ago did the sound design and mix for a documentary about surfing and music (definitely a winning combination) called  “Liquid Notes – The Making of the Reef”
This documentary followed the making of the project called “The reef” and was put together by the awesome guys at Nalu Productions.

In their words “‘Liquid Notes’ follows Artistic Director, Richard Tognetti, in his latest project taking musicians, surfers and cinematographers to the rugged surf coast and tough desert landscape of northern Western Australia, to create a new performance piece for the ACO called The Reef.”

It’s showing on Australian TV,  ABC1, Tuesday November 13 at 10pm if you want to check it out.