Little Learners iPad and iPhone apps

I’ve just released updated versions of my little learners iOS apps and realised that I hadn’t posted anything when I first released them. These were a pretty massive job for me as not only did I design and code the apps but recorded, edited and voiced all the audio as well.
The apps help children to learn to read using phonics. Children can have the books read to them with the words highlighted as they are spoken and can also touch the individual words and have the audio played to them.
Firstly I had to create a python script to convert all the landscape PDFs into single page png files. I created a separate iPad app which allowed me to create plist files that contained the x, y, width and height of all the words on the PNG images. I then use pro tools to edit and bounce out all the audio files and entered the start time of each word into the plist file as well.
I started working on the main app using a combination of storyboards and programmatically created views and view controllers.
The main app was also created as a static library so that all five apps use exactly the same code base and read all the data from plist files.
I’ll post some code examples in the next couple of weeks but if you would like any more information please feel free to leave a comment.
You can view more info about the app here:
Little Learners

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