Monthly Archives: March 2013

Radio Radio and More Radio

So it’s been an amazingly busy couple of months and I feel like I am only just coming up for air now in March. I’ve been putting my head down and working on some great sound and programming projects over the last couple of months and will post more about these when they come into fruition.
For now I thought I would post a couple of radio spots I’ve created over the last couple of months

I recently heard someone describe TV as “radio with pictures”, as a sound designer I totally agree with this mentality. Yes I am biased but more and more sound is treated as the second class citizen on shoots and in general. I like being able to create something from scratch and not have to deal with any bad location sound at all…
Anyway that’s my short rant for the moment, here are the pre-rant mentioned ads haha

Plan Melbourne 45 Second Radio

1. Plan-Melbourne-Radio-45-Second-13-2-13.mp3     

Spirit Of Tasmania Radio

2. spirit-of-tas.mp3     

1 of a campaign for Ryobi

3. Obvious-Plug.mp3     

Movember from a couple of Movembers ago,

4. Movember-AUS-Radio.mp3