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R to the adio production and RSPCA Big Beg

The Big Beg is a fund raising initiative for RSPCA that asks people to record a video of their pet begging to raise awareness and donations for the RSPCA.

Myself and some of the other engineers at Risk Sound helped to create and mix the soundtracks for the web and television commercials.

Here is the end result.

I also thought I would add some more radio ads which add to my radio ad ads…

1. Foxtel-Business-Radio-1.mp3     

Foxtel Business radio radio

2. deakin-SRI-LANKA.mp3     

Deakin International Students Radio

3. FOX3060-Live-OPT-2.mp3     

Foxtel Footy Radio

Radio Radio and More Radio

So it’s been an amazingly busy couple of months and I feel like I am only just coming up for air now in March. I’ve been putting my head down and working on some great sound and programming projects over the last couple of months and will post more about these when they come into fruition.
For now I thought I would post a couple of radio spots I’ve created over the last couple of months

I recently heard someone describe TV as “radio with pictures”, as a sound designer I totally agree with this mentality. Yes I am biased but more and more sound is treated as the second class citizen on shoots and in general. I like being able to create something from scratch and not have to deal with any bad location sound at all…
Anyway that’s my short rant for the moment, here are the pre-rant mentioned ads haha

Plan Melbourne 45 Second Radio

1. Plan-Melbourne-Radio-45-Second-13-2-13.mp3     

Spirit Of Tasmania Radio

2. spirit-of-tas.mp3     

1 of a campaign for Ryobi

3. Obvious-Plug.mp3     

Movember from a couple of Movembers ago,

4. Movember-AUS-Radio.mp3     

Radio Commercial Production From A Bit Back

I’ve been pretty busy with my final semester at Monash Uni, doing assignments and trying to keep up with the workload while also finishing an update to the Aussie Lingo iOS app, working my day job, learning Spanish and trying to have a life. I think I may be my own worst enemy when it comes to spare time..
I’ve finally managed to get around to doing a bit of archiving of old jobs and have rediscovered some radio commercials I have worked on over the last couple of years while working at Risk Sound that were memorable.

1. RAA-WAIVE-Radio.mp3     

RAA – Waive Radio. I created all the sound fx and music using Native Instruments Kontakt. It’s great working on radio where there is a bit of scope for sound design and you’re not restrained by having to work to pictures.

2. Intraflora-Radio.mp3     

Interflora Radio – This was done quite a few years back but I can remember it being quite a fun process.

3. CGU-Plumber-Radio.mp3     

CGU Radio – This was one of a bunch of CGU ads the I worked on over a period of a couple of months.

4. All-Seasons-Gutter-Guards-Radio.mp3     

All Seasons Gutter Guards Radio – This was one of a campaign of three commercials in which I learned a lot of new words…

I’ve also launched a new show reel page with a video and audio show reel which you can access from the top page.

Some more Radio Commercials

I thought I would follow my previous post Radio Commercials with another similar themed and very creatively named….. “More Radio Commercials” post

ThiscommercialforConnexwasafinalistin the London International Awards acoupleofyearsback.

1. Connex-Radio-Commercial.mp3     

This was one of a set of commercials in which I spent the day traveling with the police and interviewing them about their experiences dealing with road accidents.

2. TAC-Radio-Commercial.mp3     

This commercial was one of a small campaign to promote the Puma Love Run. The actors were recorded in the booth (although I made them run around a little) and after a bit sound design and some reverb, care of my favorite convolution reverb plug-in Altiverb, it came to life.

3. PUM0002_T.mp3     

Radio Commercials

Script 1:
Product: Radio Commercials by Sandy Milne

Person 1: Have you heard the radio commericals by Sandy Milne?
Person 2: Sandy Milne? no I didn’t know he produced radio commercials?
Person 1: Yes, Sandy Milne makes great radio commercials.
Person 2: Well I will have to get some of these radio commercials by Sandy Milne then.
Person 1: Great idea, call Sandy Milne on 04blahblahblah or forward slash radio-commercials

Fast voice: offer not valid on weekends or public holidays
Faster voice: LMCT402932323/123/BLAH123

This is pretty much the format of 95% of the radio commercials you hear on the radio so it’s nice when I get to work on things that are a little different. I thought I would upload a some radio commercials I have worked on over the last couple of years starting with these four.

For this commercial I managed to wrangle in all the people in the building and did several overdubs to create a chorus of people. It was great to pull out the Neumann u87s. This one also featured on

1. Salvos-Miss-Out-Radio-Commercial.mp3     


This spot for Victoria uni was highly commended at the siren awards.
Part of the challenge of an commercial like this is not only the sound design element but the direction that you give the voice over artist. I found some old episodes of the superman radio show on record on a shelf in the back of Risksound and played as a reference and played it to them before we started.

2. Vic-Uni-Save-The-World.mp3     

This spot was just fun to work on and was a reminder that when working with kids keep recording as you don’t want to miss out on a golden moment.

3. SPC-Fruit-Snacks-Radio-Commercial.mp3     

This was just a fun little sport for Melbourne Airport. I had both VO actors setup in chairs in the studio to simulate a car and had actually got a work colleague to record his kids the day before which was a great help

4. Melbourne-Airport-Radio-2011-.mp3