Monthly Archives: July 2013

MultiWiiCopter Flights at the beach

I been getting down to the beach a bit to escape from the city and have been taking my Scarab quadcopter for a fly in a paddock I found that backs on to the beach.

I’m still sorting out a couple of vibration wobbles, which I now have a solution for, but finally feeling like I am getting the hang of flying with the on board camera and video transmitter.

Here are the results of a quick video edit with music by one of my favorite artists at the moment Pretty Lights.

Some Objective-C Handy Additions in iOS6

Here are a few small objective-c language additions that were added in iOS6 that I have found myself using a lot recently  and thought I would share them.

You can create a NSNumber easily now with the below line:

NSNumber *number = @3;

You can create a populated array using the below code.

NSArray *fruit = @[@”Apple”,@”Banana”,@”Orange”];

You can create a populated dictionary easily using this line:

NSDictionary *cats = @{ @”Fred” : @”Large”, @”Dave” : @”Small”};



R to the adio production and RSPCA Big Beg

The Big Beg is a fund raising initiative for RSPCA that asks people to record a video of their pet begging to raise awareness and donations for the RSPCA.

Myself and some of the other engineers at Risk Sound helped to create and mix the soundtracks for the web and television commercials.

Here is the end result.

I also thought I would add some more radio ads which add to my radio ad ads…

1. Foxtel-Business-Radio-1.mp3     

Foxtel Business radio radio

2. deakin-SRI-LANKA.mp3     

Deakin International Students Radio

3. FOX3060-Live-OPT-2.mp3     

Foxtel Footy Radio