Real Australian Slang + Audio

G’day mate!
If you want to to learn some true blue aussie slang then this is the only app you will need!
Real Australian Slang contains over 440 professionally recorded and produced audio examples of Aussie slang and phrases. It the best way to learn (and laugh at) the language used day to day by us Aussies!


– Audio examples of every phrase and bit of slang that show you how us Aussies use Aussie slang in conversation and everyday life

– Use the search feature to find the right bit of slang to use or to find the meaning of something you’ve heard

– Authentic (but funny) Australian Sayings and Slang

– Professionally recorded voice overs with sound effects and atmospheres to set the scene.

– Created in Australia by Aussies.

This is the only app to contain this many authentic audio examples produced to such a high quality!

It’s the best way to understand, laugh with your friends at and enjoy the lingo and slang used by us Aussies everyday.

You can download it from the Google Play store here:

Here are some examples of the included audio:

1. troppo.mp3     
2. not-what-its-cracked.mp3     
3. must-have-got-his-or.mp3     
4. dead-set.mp3     
5. as-much-chance-as-pu.mp3     
6. bog-standard.mp3     

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