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Real Australian Slang with Audio for Android

Introducing “Real Australian Slang + Audio” for Android!

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Real Aussie Slang

After many requests for an Android version of my Aussie Lingo app for iPhone and iPad I decided it was time to knuckle down, learn the Android SDK and put an app together. The “Real Australian Slang” android app contains over 440 audio examples of Australian phrases and sayings and the ability to search for the right phrase or word for the situation.

You for more info check out the page on google play here:

Any feedback or suggestions let me know?

Fighting Chance Sound Design

Just before I finished up working at Risk Sound I had the pleasure of working on the sound design for a fun short film called “Fighting Chance” with director Matt Mirams

Sound wise it was great fun to work on and I used a lot of low frequencies, thunder and lightning to create the sonic character of death. I spent a lot of time cleaning up the audio and fixing the dialog which was a little patchy but RX2 made a pretty good job of saving most of it. I also had a lot of fun working on the punch sounds and used a foley plug-in that I wrote along with some of guys from soundfirm to do all the footsteps. Enjoy