Monthly Archives: June 2013

Venturing into the land of multirotors

So things have been pretty nuts again over the last couple of months which has been great although I feel that I’ve been neglecting this site a bit, so I’m going to aim to step it up and put a bit more effort into maintaining and updating over the coming weeks. There’s been a couple of interesting sound projects and I’m still chipping away on and a couple of iOS apps that are taking a lot longer than expected.
Now that I’m not studying anymore I’ve discovered a new hobby/addiction and built a radio controlled quadcopter with an open sourceĀ arduino flight controller that runs the multiWii 2.2 software.
It’s been quite a learning experience but it’s a great combination electronics, programming and just building cool stuff.

The kit I bought was the MulitiWiicopter Scarab Metal armor from who are an Australian based company that develop and sell kits and other multirotor related stuffs.
In learning to fly I’ve crashed it a lot but only had to replace one of the engine mounts so it’s proved it’s toughness over and over. It’s taken me a bit longer to learn to fly in ACRO mode which is just using the gyros, not self leveling with the accelerometer, but you have so much more control in this mode and I recommend putting in the time to learn to fly in this mode.

I’m still learning to fly but now am spending more time in the air then crashing into the grass, here is a video of my local park flight

I’ll be aiming to add more info and flights here once I get better at flying.