Some more Radio Commercials

I thought I would follow my previous post Radio Commercials with another similar themed and very creatively named….. “More Radio Commercials” post

ThiscommercialforConnexwasafinalistin the London International Awards acoupleofyearsback.

1. Connex-Radio-Commercial.mp3     

This was one of a set of commercials in which I spent the day traveling with the police and interviewing them about their experiences dealing with road accidents.

2. TAC-Radio-Commercial.mp3     

This commercial was one of a small campaign to promote the Puma Love Run. The actors were recorded in the booth (although I made them run around a little) and after a bit sound design and some reverb, care of my favorite convolution reverb plug-in Altiverb, it came to life.

3. PUM0002_T.mp3     

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