Radio Commercial Production From A Bit Back

I’ve been pretty busy with my final semester at Monash Uni, doing assignments and trying to keep up with the workload while also finishing an update to the Aussie Lingo iOS app, working my day job, learning Spanish and trying to have a life. I think I may be my own worst enemy when it comes to spare time..
I’ve finally managed to get around to doing a bit of archiving of old jobs and have rediscovered some radio commercials I have worked on over the last couple of years while working at Risk Sound that were memorable.

1. RAA-WAIVE-Radio.mp3     

RAA – Waive Radio. I created all the sound fx and music using Native Instruments Kontakt. It’s great working on radio where there is a bit of scope for sound design and you’re not restrained by having to work to pictures.

2. Intraflora-Radio.mp3     

Interflora Radio – This was done quite a few years back but I can remember it being quite a fun process.

3. CGU-Plumber-Radio.mp3     

CGU Radio – This was one of a bunch of CGU ads the I worked on over a period of a couple of months.

4. All-Seasons-Gutter-Guards-Radio.mp3     

All Seasons Gutter Guards Radio – This was one of a campaign of three commercials in which I learned a lot of new words…

I’ve also launched a new show reel page with a video and audio show reel which you can access from the top page.

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