The Constant and the Flux Sound Design

Well after four long years of part time study, while also working full time, developing ios apps and trying to have a life,  I’ve finally finished my Bachelor degree in Information technology and systems at Monash. I was a little worried I’d failed one of my subjects but ended up get 88% for it so maybe I’m geekier than I realised….

Now that my study is finished and out of the way I’ve finally had time to finish a collaboration that I started with my friend Callum called “The Constant and the Flux”

It was originally commissioned by the Toronto film festival and was filmed and shown there so we were on quite a tight deadline. With this excerpt I had a lot more time to craft and create the soundtrack and only ended up using two 2 second grabs of the location sound. It was a good chance to get a bit creative with sound design and foley and work on something a bit different.

Here is how it ended up:

Callum has recently started up a charitable trust that creates films that are of cultural or social significance called Ardent Films. Check it out at

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