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BULLET: A Superhero Comedy

If you want so see/hear a great show at the Melbourne comedy festival this year I can recommend BULLET: A Superhero Comedy. This is not just because I created all the sound effects and music for it (well maybe a little bit, but I have to live up to the gen Y narcissistic stereotype) but because it’s a really well written and entertaining show and got great reviews when it played at the Melbourne fringe festival.
The show involves 6 actors on stage with microphones playing various characters, accompanied by sound effects and music triggered to perfection.
It was a fantastic challenge designing the sound and I really had to think outside the box for a lot of it. Thank god for the large sfx library, recording spaces and random collection of strange recordable objects at Risk Sound!

Here are a couple of snippets from the show:

You can read more and book here


Tuna and Beans

When someone asks what you have been working on it’s always nice to be able to reply
“Oh you know just the standard creating underwater fart sounds kind of work”.
We tried a couple of different techniques for creating tuna style flatulence and the booth needed a good airing afterwards.
It’s always interesting creating underwater atmospheres as well as peoples perception of how it should sound is quite different from how it sounds in reality.

Here is the end result:

Tuna and Beans – Sound Design by Sandy Milne from Sandy Milne on Vimeo.