Recent TV commercial sound design work

Over the last year or so there has been some great TVC sound design work flowing through the studios at Risksound so I thought that I would post a couple commercials I have worked on recently.

The first commercial was done for the Suzuki Swift R1.  The background atmosphere  was created by using an automated eq to sweep down an audio track that contained white noise. This was then fed through a convolution reverb plug-in using an impulse response of a big metal tank.  The noise for the lights was created by processing two wine glasses clicking together with reverb and reversing the sound.

This second TVC for cars guide was a lot more music and voiceover focused but I still had some fun the sound effects.  I used a lost of whooshes and servo motor sound effects and a recording of wind with the the volume automated on the camera moments to give it a sense of movement.



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