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Animal Self Portrait – Music track

My friend Kate was working on a project helping primary school aged kids to create a stop motion animation showing which animal they would like to be, for Art Play. They recoded the voices in the workshop and needed a bit of help cleaning them up.
I cleaned the voices up as much as I could, created a short music track for the opening titles and credits and added some atmospheres.

Here is one of my favorite ones.

There were four in total which can check here:


Midnight Snack – Sound Design and Music

Last year I had the pleasure of working with the talented crew at Active Motion creating the sound design and music on an in-house animation project called Midnight Snack.

I always enjoy working on animation as you get to start with a clean slate and can create everything from scratch. While I did use a few sounds from our sound effects library a lot of the sound I recorded in the booth and throughout the Risk Sound building. I found an old metal bread bin which supplied a lot of the running metal and metal impact sounds and spent a fair bit of time, mic in hand, opening and closing fridges. I also manged to record my own stomach rumble (after one too many coffees) and got to practice my spider voice over skills.

Here is the end result:

Midnight Snack