Dj Deltoid mix tapes

This post is a bit of a blast from the past but while cleaning out my music computer I found a few of my old mix tapes (mix mp3s?) I had created while DJing around melboune a few years ago:

This first mix titled “Edible Audio” was put together for a Dj competitions and recorded live on Technics 1200s and a rane Dj Mixer. It’s a mix of hip hop and beats that I had collected on vinyl over the years

1. dj_deltoid_edible_audio_mix.mp3     

This Rumpy Pumpy Ghetto mix is a mix I recorded live again and contains some of my favorite ghetto and booty tec records. Being live, it’s a little messy in parts but none the less a good fun booty shaking mix

2. dj_deltoid-rumpy_pumpy_ghetto_mix.mp3     

This last mix MMMBass was a collection of my favorite dubstep and grime tracks of the time.
One again recorded live it’s a little messy in parts but makes up for it in low frequency rumble.

3. dj_deltoid_MMMBASS_dubstep_mix.mp3     


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