Audio Conform Calculator Launched

Every now and then I am having to time compress or expand audio I am working on to keep it in sync with the video as it is going to be used in or is going to cinema, comes from overseas and been converted from NTSC to PAL or is shot at a non-standard frame rate, such as 22 frames a second for effect.
Using a plug-in such as Serato pitch and time (which is my favorite) in Pro Tools you can maintain the pitch of the audio while changing the duration to match the video.

Audio Conform Calculator is a simple iPhone App in which you can specify the source and destination frame rates of the the video you are conforming and it will provide you with the percentage and ratio value that the corresponding audio needs to be time expanded or compressed to keep it in sync with the video.

You can view more details of the app from the
Audio Conform Calculator page on this site.

I built this app originally as a desktop java application but decided it was much more useful as an iPhone app.
After coding for a couple of years in Java and PHP I have to say that IOS and the tools provided are a real pleasure to work with. Although there is a bit of a learning curve switching to the model view controller programming paradigm and other IOS quirks I am starting to get my head around a lot of it.

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